Wall Street Journal | Apartment Pankow

A Ramshackle Apartment Gets Doctored Up

Artikel über das Bauvorhaben Apartment Pankow im Wall Street Journal.

Text: Ruth Bloomfield

“When two young doctors bought their first home, they took on a critical case: a 100-year-old fixerupper in Berlin. With one young child and another on the way, they needed to resuscitate their newly purchased apartment quickly, even though they had a limited budget and no renovation experience whatsoever. Clara and Robert Fürstenhaupt, both 37, didn’t deliberately set out to revamp their first home. But, like so many other urban professionals, after a year of fruitless house-hunting they realized that they were priced out of the kind of comfortable starter home they aspired to. Their best option was the spacious yet ramshackle apartment in the neighborhood of Pankow, about 3 miles north of the city center. In the former East Berlin, the area is known for its excellent schools and acres of parkland…. “

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